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Glass Partition in Dubai

Everything is changing over time. New concepts and ideas are supported and adopted. The use of commercial glass as a partition wall in the office is a classic example of new concepts.

Fix Hub is one of few companies in Dubai that has mastered the glass partition. Being a leader in the industry, we are well versed with the commercial glass apparatus. Partition walls are an old concept for separating the offices or houses but the glass partition wall is the latest interior concept that has many advantages ranging from “daylight work experience”, “transparent workplace”, “adaptability”, “Cost-effective”, “Space saving” and much more.  Your company employee might have tired working in an environment surrounded by dark partitions.

Let’s make them happy by using glass partition Dubai and update office design.

With the vast array of commercial glasses on the market, a customer is often confused as to which type of glass is perfect for a partition that develops an elegant design.

  •   Annealed Glass
  •   Tempered Glass
  •   Laminated Glass
  •   Reflective Glass
  •   Fire resistant glass
  •   Low emission glass
  •   Frameless Glass
Glass Partition Dubai

Many types of Glass Partition Dubai

Whatever type of glass you choose for wall partition work to see its feature then another important step would be to keep in mind that it is the “finish & color of glass”.

  •   Frosted Glass
  •   Clear Glass
  •   Milky Glass
  •   Black
  •   White
  •   Black
  •   Gray
  •   Bronze
  •   Solexia
  •   Azuria
  •   Mist
  •   Rainy

Lastly, you need a professional glass partition Dubai Company that helps you attain the desired results. As said above Fix Hub is a customer-centric glass partition company. We guide, design and install. We have years of experience and knowledge in the glass fixing, installation and partitioning industry, our technicians are well trained and take special care to provide elegant finishes.

If you plan to choose glass partition Dubai walls over traditional walls, get estimates for free today.


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